Wireless building automation solutions have evolved

We live in a world where new things are born every day: new technologies, innovations, and exciting combinations of old and new. As a result of these technological leaps, our world is becoming increasingly wireless with each passing day, and the industry of building automation is no exception to this rule.

Produal was one of the first players in building automation to bring wireless transmitters to its market. In fact, the first wireless technology developed by Produal is still valid and functional, but our world is changing and we have to change with it. I’m happy to say that 2019 will be a great year for our customers, as we are proud to present an advanced and completely new technology in the industry of building automation:

Wireless Produal Proxima®. The first completely battery-powered MESH network with an extended battery life. The wireless Produal Proxima® solution is based on the combination of wireless technologies, MiraOs for reliable communication developed by Lumenradio and Bluetooth for easy commissioning with our own mobile app: Produal MyTool®.


You said MESH, what does that mean?


  • Technology that can route data from and to a transmitter, between transmitters until it reaches its destination is called MESH technology. Our MESH is an intelligent network that is able to send data using the most energy-efficient and shortest route to its destination.


But wait. Don’t other technologies such as Zigbee, BLE, and WiFi also have the same MESH feature? How is this different?
  • They do, but Zigbee and WiFi need external power supply for routing nodes. And BLE will get battery lifetime somewhere in one year or so. So, our technology really is the first fully battery-operated network in the market.


Competing systems have limited possibilities to operate with batteries. How long will batteries last in the wireless Proximas?


  • That’s good question that many of our customers is asking.  Thanks to the module’s state-of-the-art power performance, we can attain a battery life of up to 9 years. But in normal use we are talking about lifetime between 6 to 8 years, depending on the measurements and options.


How is your technology better than, for example, LoRa or Sigfox?


  • It’s hard to define which technology is “better”, as there are such differences with how these technologies work. And in some cases, they are also completing each other. In practice, if you want to monitor only a few points in a building, the LoRa type solution can work very nicely. If there are more than a few monitoring points in a building to build a dedicated network, then the wireless Produal Proxima® will prove a far more efficient and useful solution. LoRa and Sigfox are based on point-to-point technology where the transmitter and gateway are communicating with one another. Also there is a big limitation on payload with those technologies. The Produal Proxima® solution is MESH based, meaning that every transmitter will help each other to deliver the data to its gateway. With Lora, you cannot connect transmitters directly to the local building automation system unless you are using the local Lora gateway, which is expensive and needs lots of work to get the system up and running.


Is the technology of wireless Produal Proxima® also IoT ready?


  • Yes. Our transmitters are communicating through the gateway to MyCloud service, using secured connection, which makes it possible to send data to any cloud service in the market in the future.
What gives wireless Produal Proxima® the advantage over other wireless IoT solutions?


  • The transmitters are connected to a gateway that can send measuring data to the building automation, and in future to a defined cloud service. This makes the system a hybrid because the same metric data can be used for both automation controls, as well as cloud analytics purposes. So in the future, you only need one measurement network for the requirements of BA and IoT if so needed.


Sounds impressive! Can you tell me more about Produal Proxima® room product family?


  • Happy to. Produal Proxima® is our answer to the next stage of building automation. Its intelligent design and effortless functionality serve as the ideal platform for an open, unified, modular, and adaptable future that walks hand in hand with better usability and smart technology. Because somebody has to be the trendsetter!





Antti Salli
Product Manager / Transmitters and wireless solutions